Project: UIC Snapshot (ft. Yerin Park)

May 25, 2020 by Hyunjae Lee


Sustainable Development and Cooperation, 18

What is your latest topic of interest?

It’s been months since Covid-19 has brought huge shifts and introduced new lifestyles and rules into our way of life. Given the crisis and these enormous transitions, people have recently become oblivious of over-using disposables, such as plastics. This, I feel, is a huge concern. I see people use plastic cups even at a cafe and wear protective face masks every day. But I never see anyone worrying about how much plastic waste now we generate. 

What are your thoughts on the argument that the increased use of plastic today is a necessary evil?

I recently shared a discussion with my friend who told me something similar: “People come first.” Sure, under the current circumstances, I agree that the overuse of daily disposables is inevitable. But we should start asking the question: what about when this is all over? We need to rethink and reconsider different dimensions of the side effects of our lifestyles today to pave the way for a more sustainable tomorrow, as well as a post-corona world.

You seem very passionate about the subject. Are you working to resolve this issue, personally or through any projects? Or do you plan to?

In the midst of confusing times, I, as a college student, wanted to take a small step on our campus. I am currently working with my colleagues on a campaign to promote the use of tumblers and personal cups. We are launching a “Tumbler Week Challenge” from May 18th to May 29th,  during which we encourage everyone to use personal cups and tumblers, instead of disposables. Please find us on Instagram (@tumbler_week) and participate in our social media event! It’s a good cause...and there’s a prize!

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