Project: U Review (Yeowoogol Sushi)

June 05, 2020 by Juho Lee


It is a 10 minutes’ walk from the main gate of Yonsei Sinchon Campus! Near Exit no 1.


  • This is the restaurant I have frequented the most often since I became a college student. The worst sushi I have ever had here has still been quite fresh.. In my opinion they offer the best bang for their buck in terms of the freshness of sushi out of all the sushi places in Sinchon.
  • In addition to the main dish, they always give you Udon. What’s better is that you can ask for more Udon as well (but probably only within reason; don’t imagine you can get away with finishing six bowls worth of noodles). They also sometimes give you free sushi. To this day I’m not exactly sure when they do this, but it’s common enough for me to feel good about it. 
  • The restaurant is very popular, but because it is also big, you will seldom have to wait in line for that long.

**Meh: **

  • The rice the restaurant uses for their sushi is not very sticky. Therefore, unless you are very careful while eating, large clumps of rice may fall onto the table. 
  • There are a lot of different dishes to choose from. However, given that most of us don’t have an infinite amount of money, realistically you will be choosing from only two or, at most, three dishes.
  • If you detest free food because you think it is a perfect example of marketing designed to bamboozle the consumer, then don’t visit this restaurant.

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