Project: UIC Snapshot (ft. Jonghyun Lee)

June 10, 2020 by Jungwon Choi


Interview with Jonghyun Lee, Economics major from the class of 2019. Jonghyun is the vice president of Nodaji, UIC rock band.

What made you decide to join Nodaji?

I have been playing guitar throughout high school, so it felt natural for me to continue it in the university. I also thought joining Nodaji would help me establish more relationships with my UIC peers and upperclassmen (and indeed that happened).

What was your most memorable moment in the band?

Our end of the semester concert at the fall of 2019. It was right before finals, but we decided to have fun with the performance. Dressed up formally, we laid aside all our worries and gave our best shot. In that performance, I experienced the magic music often brings to us.

If you have to introduce a singer to a stranger, who would that be?

I would introduce Chris Cornell. I only started listening to him after his death, which is unfortunate. His raw voice will resonate with any soul. His deep and sustained vocal melodies get you immersed, and you find yourself looping his songs over and over to feel his powerful voice one more time.

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