Project: U Review (ft. Pie Hole)

December 19, 2020 by Yerim Kim

ureview yerim

Location: it’s close to the Main Street of sinchon, near Uplex. Just walk near the small park at the back of the Hyundai department store. You’ll find a small alley with the café!


  • The mood and atmosphere are great at this cafe. There’s a terrace section at the back that’s decorated with fairy lights and stars. This is a great place to bring your friends for some dessert and coffee.
  • The pastries and pies are freshly made everyday and definitely a treat.
  • Try the earl grey pie or matcha pie!


  • There’s a limited serving of dessert. If you go to the café after dinner, many menus might already be sold out.
  • If you go during the really busy hours, it might be hard to get a good table.

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