Project: UIC Snapshot (ft. Jayda Lim)

June 01, 2021 by Latifa Sekarini

uicsnapshot latifa jaydalim

If you could live your life as a character from any piece of media, who would you be?

I think if I could live my life as a character from any piece of media I'd be Katherine Goble from the movie Hidden Figures. I want to live like her because I really think that it’s inspiring that she was able to prove herself despite the racial discrimination that was happening in NASA, and the fact that she was able to help NASA despite her obstacles, I think that’s amazing. I want to live like her because I also want to be an inspiration to young students here in the Philippines to go abroad. As a student in the Philippines, it’s not likely for students to go abroad and I really want the students in my country to use the opportunity and study abroad as well in order for them to learn more and see the world outside of their comfort zone. I want to be an inspiration for them and show these students, or perhaps young women, that they can achieve anything despite the obstacles they're facing.

What's one piece of advice you'd give to a freshman?

One advice I’d give to freshmen is to join as many clubs or activities as they want, as long as it's convenient for them. but I’d advise them to join or participate in a lot of RC hours or RC events, because those events are really nice, like a gateway for them to get to know other young students in Appenzeller. I really think that it'll be a nice way to communicate to people and a really nice way to discover interests that they want. And it'll be an opportunity for them to get to know the university more because there are a lot of downsides with online class, however because of these RC events, I got to know other people as well. I'm glad it is required, and that it's not academically-related. I'm still able to relax and get to know people from my college because joining these activities are really fun, despite being online. Who knows, you might enjoy these activities and you might find new hobbies, which I think is really nice to discover.

How do you like to spend your free time?

I do a lot these days, so I enjoy playing games, like League of Legends and Minecraft but before that I used to watch a lot of Korean dramas, watch films and read books. Those are the ways I spend my free time. I feel like it's my therapy after doing online classes for the whole day, and it's hard to balance what I do at home and what I do for school. When there were offline classes, I know the time I'm supposed to do school work, because I get home and that's when I have free time, but now everything is happening at home, so I have a hard time balancing my studies and managing my free time. But I do my best to manage my free time and play when I feel like I'm really stressed, in order to do schoolwork with a clear head.

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