UIC Career Development: Today and the Future

June 14, 2021 by Ja-Young Kim

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It is quite ironic that when students enter university and become upperclassmen, a majority start thinking about their life after university. Most of these concerns are related to future careers and what they want to do as a responsible member in society. To address these concerns, students start seeking information related to their preferred job sectors to find the satisfiable job fit. In order to facilitate this information search, Yonsei University provides to all students a site in Korean called, “Career Yonsei,” that provides a variety of career-related resources. Moreover, the university also provides a separate page called “UIC Career Development” on LearnUs, the school’s online learning platform, exclusively for international students and students studying at Underwood International College (UIC).

Ashley Min (IS ’20), one of the students in charge of managing the UIC Career Development page, explains some of the exclusive features of the UIC Career Development page.

  1. Connection to UIC Alumni in a motley of industries

For one, students can connect with professors and alumni to gain invaluable advice. The page acts as a platform offering advice ranging from university life to correct business etiquette at job interviews. Under the section labeled “Alumni General Advice,” students can gain access to answers on ways to spend a successful university life and personal experiences in finding the apt job from alumni. Not only this, but the page also offers the possibility for undergraduates to directly ask seniors and professors regarding their career paths. Students can find contact information of numerous UIC alumni working in specific sectors (including government and non-governmental organizations) under the “Career Advice for Specific Fields” section.

  1. Postings of jobs/internships/UIC-exclusive events

Moreover, students can gain access to notifications on UIC-exclusive events through this page. Recruitment announcements for internships, jobs, and career talks exclusively offered to UIC students are posted on a daily basis. Under the “Announcements” section, job listings for various companies as well as information on career talks featuring UIC alumni working in international organizations/institutions can be found. According to their field of interests, students can freely search up career-related opportunities and apply for them.

  1. Tips on resumes/CV letters

Last but not least, students can find documents such as resume templates and Linkedin guidelines that help to prepare for future job applications. Under the section labeled “Resumes and CVs,” students can gain access to useful files that offer detailed workshops and guidelines for writing resumes and CVs with professionalism. Not only for these documents, but students can also gain useful tips for cover letters and job interviews.

  1. Additional Comments

Despite all these exclusive resources, the UIC Career Development page at the current stage does possess several limitations. The page does not yet provide the wide range of services available on the Korean Career Yonsei website. For instance, the Career Yonsei website allows students to keep track of their own activities, such as RC hours and extracurricular activities. Not only this, but the Korean webpage also allows students to make tutoring appointments, sign up for major exam mock tests and job aptitude counseling. These functions which prove to be useful for students, are yet to be available on the UIC Career Development page.

However, as Ashley points out, the page has undeniable strengths in that it provides career-related resources in English and is focused on connecting students with advising faculty and alumni specifically from UIC. Provision of resources in English is especially important and meaningful for international students, who have relatively limited career resources available to them here at Yonsei University. The page also allows students to connect more with alumni through various channels like career talks and Linkedin, thus providing an opportunity for each student to gain more specific, needed information. In this sense, the UIC Career Development page provides a good platform for students studying at UIC to seek direct, firsthand career-related resources from alumni and professors.

As a person using both the English UIC Career Development page and the Korean Career Yonsei website, I came to personally experience the differences in the services provided by both sites. Despite the fact that the Career Yonsei website has offered me more in terms of providing information and mock tests related to national exams, I have profited greatly from the plentiful career-related resources from the UIC Career Development page. The resume guidelines uploaded on the page helped me start drafting my resume ever since last year, and the UIC-exclusive career talks allowed me to broaden my social network and to plan my career specifically with advice from past alumni who have undergone similar paths.

Recently, in its move to the recent platform, the UIC Career Development site has lost some data. Yet, Ashley tells me that the Career Development Center page plans to add more resources to make up for the loss, and hopefully provide a richer resource database that students can refer to. UIC students should actively make use of the useful resources the UIC Career Development page offers to them on the LearnUs platform, and also check out the UIC Career Development Center page that offers more services and resources to guide students towards successful careers. The Career Development Center is here for UIC, and is waiting for any further suggestions from students on career-related topics to be covered, whether through documents or events.

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