Joining Scribe

The UIC Scribe is always looking for new creative and passionate writers and designers. Join us as a reporter or co-designer and surround yourself with a community of dedicated creatives committed to sharing compelling stories.

Who can apply?

Any Yonsei University student with a passion for sharing stories and making creative and original content!

Why should you apply?

To find a creative outlet for all your inner musings

To further develop your writing/designing skills

To network and mingle with upperclassmen and other like-minded colleagues

For a chance to receive the prestigious Scribe scholarship

What do we do in Scribe?

We usually hold two workshops per semester. This semester the first workshop will be held on September 11th. The date for the second workshop is TBA.

During these workshop sessions, reporters discuss with fellow club members and editors about their articles and receive feedback on improving the quality of their drafts.

Outside of meetings, reporters work on their individual articles. Assigned editors work closely to assist reporters along the way.

Designers work with the editorial board to produce the final magazine publications. Designers are exempt from meetings.

How can I apply?

Visit our Facebook page for announcements.

Please email for any questions.

The UIC Scribe was founded in 2006 as the official student-run newsmagazine of Underwood International College. It celebrates diversity of thinking, excellence in writing, and the freedom of self-expression.